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Textile flame retardantDQFR-CGN



Textile flame retardant DQFR-CGN
Product name: flame retardant DQFR-CGN



Ingredients: ammonium phosphate compound
Appearance : Light white clear liquid
PH:3- 3.5
Specific gravity(20℃):1.22- 1.24g/cubic centimeters
Solubility: soluble in in cold water of any volume
Storage: at least 24 months in sealed container


Product features:

Empowering the cellulosic fiber, wool fiber, viscose fiber, synthetic fiber, knitted matter and non-woven fabric with durable flame retardant effect.
Good compatibility with the adhesive.
This product is easy to penetrate into textiles
Empowering the fabrics with soft and comfortable feel after finishing






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